Food Safety

Food safety is an important component of healthy eating, however I think most people forget about it or just don’t pay attention to where there food has come from. As a dietitian I am probably anal retentive when it comes to food safety just because I have heard so much about it and the consequences that can result. A recent article from the CDC found that most food borne illnesses in the past decade have come from poultry and produce. The article also states that food borne illness is on the rise from dairy due to the popularity of raw milk. I know that food borne illnesses cannot be completely eliminated but there are a lot of precautions you can take to decrease the risk of getting them. I’m going to leave you with five tips that I as a Registered Dietitian follow to keep my food safe:

The following foods should be checked with a food thermometer and reach the temperature indicated before it is safe to eat:
*Beef, Pork,Veal, Lamb: 145F
*Ground Meats: 160F
* Ham: 145F
*All Poultry: 165F
* Eggs: 160F
* Fish and Shellfish: 145F
* All Leftovers: 165F
* Casseroles: 165F
2) Rinse all fresh produce before eating it.
3) Do not eat food that has been left out at a party for more than 4 hours in the temperature danger zone (40-140 F).
4) Use all foods before their expiration date.
*I downloaded the app Food Safe? to help with this.
5) Do not use the same cutting board and knife to cut your produce that you used to cut your meat to eliminate cross-contamination.

Hope these tips were helpful! Gotta keep our food safe and our bodies healthy 🙂

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