Healthy Eating Out

Going out to eat at new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. I’m a definite foodie who loves to try new things. However I also like to keep my calories under control and don’t want to consume an excessive amount at one meal. Last night I want out to eat for my cousins birthday at Houlihan’s. I knew I wanted to try something new but I wanted to keep it reasonably healthy as well. Here are some of the tips I follow as a dietitian when Eating Out:
1) Look at the menu online before going to the restaurant to have an idea of the options
2) Avoid foods that are described as crispy, creamed, au gratin, fried, or sautéed
3) Choose foods that are boiled, baked, grilled, or steamed
4) Try to balance the food groups: protein, carb, vegetable/fruit
5) Watch portion sizes, if it looks large or probably is, so box some to take home for another meal or to share with a family member

Now I know that sometimes we eat out because we want to indulge. So it all comes down to moderation and trying to choose healthy when you can. Here is part of my meal from last night:


I chose the 1/2 veggie sandwich with 1/2 garden salad and it came with a side of sweet potato fries. I ate all of the salad, most of the sandwich and then brought the fries home to take in my lunch the next day. The first part of meal filled me up and the fries were a great treat for he following day. It’s really all about moderation.

What types of tips do you have for healthy eating at restaurants?



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