MLK Day Goals

Today I was lucky enough to have the day off from work. Thank you #MLKday. I used some of my time today to think of the fitness goals I want to strive for in 2013. So far here is what I have come up with:

1) Run 6 5ks. (One every other month throughout the year)

2) Be able to do 25 push-ups in a row

3) Try at least 1 new fitness activity (I really want to try paddle boarding)

4) Continue doing yoga at least 1 time each week

5) More Strength training (still working out the specifics of this one)

I think having goals to works towards, instead of resolutions is more inspirational. Resolutions are things that you DON’T want to break, but most people end up breaking anyway so they perceive themselves as failures. Goals, however, are things that you DO want to break. Once people break their goals, they are inspired to create new goals. Therefore, goals are great for motivation. So I’m going to start with the above goals, but when I break them I’m definitely going to set the bar higher for the next ones. I feel the motivation already.





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