Friday Fitness

I have become a January Joiner. But hey, that’s when the gym offers the best deals. Plus it’s so cold and dark outside, I had to cave. I’m also just getting back into training post-physical therapy, and consequently an exercise hiatus. So I figured what’s a better time then now. I’m starting out slow and easing my body back into it, but so far so good! These past few weeks a lot of sweat has bee shed and the muscles are still feeling the burn, but it’s a good burn 🙂 Throughout the month I have been trying to think of some good fitness goals to aspire towards in 2013. I’m thinking by the end of this month I will try to have a few solid ones to work towards, but until then I will sweat on!

Hello Fitness Friday Link-up (I, II)!



4 thoughts on “Friday Fitness

  1. Hi! Saw your blog on Fitness Friday! I’m with you on trying to think of some “good goals”! I am a new follower and a new blogger…stop on by! Thanks!


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