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If you know me, you know that as soon as the fall season takes off I become obsessed with one food called PUMPKIN! I looooove pumpkin. Pumpkin is a great because it is a vegetable that provides fiber, Vitamin A, and additional nutrients . Plus pumpkin can be added into all types of dishes: yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream, smoothies, burritos, soups, chili, casseroles, bread, etc, etc. Pumpkin truly is an all-star food. Not that I’m biased or anything since pumpkin is my one of favorite foods 🙂 Anyway, I know there are other people who are equally pumpkin lovers because I have seen lots of great recipes popping up around the web. Below is the recipe to one of my favorite pumpkin recipes, Crunchy Pumpkin Dessert Squares. This is a Thanksgiving staple. Love it. Try it out for yourself, the recipe posted below.

Crunchy Pumpkin Dessert Squares


– 1 can (30 oz) Pumpkin Pie filling (or regular pumpkin filling if you want to cut back the sugar)

– 1 can (12 oz) fat-free evaporated milk

-3 eggs (or substitute egg beaters to cut back on cholesterol)

-2/3 c. chopped pecans (eliminate or reduce if watching fat intake)

-1 cup reduced fat butter, melted ( I like to use Smart balance)

1-1/4 cups fat-free cool whip


1) In a large bowl, combine pumpkin, milk and eggs; beat on medium speed until smooth. Pour into an ungreased 13 x 9in baking pan. Sprinkle with cake mix and pecans; drizzle with butter.

2) Bake at 350F for 60 to 65min, or until toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Cool completely on wire rack.

3) Garnish with cool whip and ENJOY!

*This recipe is one my Dad found on the Taste of Home website a few years ago.



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