Bridal Expo Newbie

Sunday I experienced my first bridal expo. As someone who doesn’t have that much experience with wedding preparation, I figured it would be a good idea to attend an expo to gather some ideas. I heard an advertisement on the radio for an bridal expo in the area, and figured since I didn’t have anything else planned for Sunday I would go and check it out. I took my fiance with me, and it’s a good thing I did because I don’t know if I would have survived on my own. This place was filled with wedding obsessed brides and their entourages. There were a few to-be grooms, but as my fiance said, ” I don’t think I have ever been around this many women at one time.” Overall though we had a good time and got some info that will hopefully help in our wedding planning.

Since I’m sure there are people out there who are as wedding illiterate as me, here are some newbie Bridal Expo Tips:

1) Arrive early or later in the day. During the bulk of the day people are waiting in line for every vendor. Its best to visit vendors later in the afternoon to avoid the lines if there are some that you really want to gather information from.

2) Sign up for all the offers. Regardless of whether you are thinking of using that vendor or not you don’t want to miss out on special offers, you can always turn it down later if it doesn’t work into your wedding.

3) Bring an extra bag, because there is a TON of free giveaways. My fiancé brought a backpack, and I actually laughed at him for doing so, but it turned out that we did in fact need it to store all our stuff.

4) Arrive hungry. There are a lot of caterers trying to win over your palate, which means lots of food samples, and I know you won’t want to miss out on the cake samples 🙂

5) Take a highlighter to mark business cards of the vendors you are interested in. At the end of the day you will have so many cards that you won’t remember which ones you really liked.

6) Take some support with you. Like I said I took my fiance. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, so it is good to have some moral support to bounce ideas off of.

7) Breathe. If it starts to get crowded, and you are tired of waiting in lines, just breathe. Let all the bridezillas go ahead of you and step outside for some fresh air and to recap on what you have seen so far.

8) Attend the fashion shows. Even if you already have your dress and bridesmaids dresses planned, there are often a ton of free giveaways and raffles here, which of course you do not want to miss.

9) Ask questions! Even though people may be waiting behind you to speak to the vendor, don’t just grab a business card and move on to the next booth. Ask about prices, traveling fees, what equipment they use, etc. Ask whatever you need to know before you would chose them for your wedding.

10) Have fun and celebrate being a bride. This is a planning process that you will mostly likely only get to do for yourself one time. So while you may be in a rush to finally settle down, don’t forget to enjoy doing the things that only brides-to-be can do, like wedding expos!




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