Try this…

Yams + Eggs = Yaggs! This is one of my favorite go-to meals when I don’t know what else to make, mostly because yams are one of my favorite foods. This recipe is really simple, so simple in fact it’s not really a recipe, just food. Regardless is the breakdown of one of my favorite quick, cheap, and easy dishes.


1) 1 Yam or sweet potato

2) 2 eggs

3) Spices of your choosing ( I typically combine some chili powder and garlic or onion powder)


1) Wash and chop yam into small square pieces. No need to peel the potato, that where the fiber is 🙂

2) Spray a frying pan with a little canola or olive oil and dump yams into pan.

3) Sprinkle on your dashes of seasoning. Season to your liking.

4) Cook over medium heat for about 10-12 minutes or until the yams become soft when poked with a fork.

5) Once yams are done cooking, dump them out of the pan onto the plate.

6) Place the same pan back on the burner and crack the two eggs into the pan. They should sizzle since the pan is hot and will cook quickly. I usually cook them over a low heat and make them over easy, takes about 2 min or until the whites are cooked.

7) Place eggs over the yams on the plate. Pierce the eggs so that the yolk runs over the yams. Dip the potatoes in the yolks and enjoy!

A super easy and nutritious meal that can be served at breakfast, lunch or dinner!


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