Wednesday Workout: Intervals

Intervals. A workout used to increase speed and endurance. Intervals are a great training option that can be added to any fitness regimen. I like using intervals to break up a monotonous run. Intervals can give you the extra motivation you need to push it and finish hard.

Tonight I did a simple interval workout of running for 1 min and then walking for 30 sec. I repeated this a total of 15x and covered about 2 miles. While I was giving it my all during 1 min, I was looking forward to the 30 seconds where I would get a chance to catch my breath and relax. Sometimes that little break is all I need to keep myself going.

I used my Garmin to help keep track of the intervals and when to transition from running to walking, but a regular stopwatch would work too. Or you can even just pick a tree or mailbox to run to and then another object to walk to. There are also plenty of interval workouts available on the internet, or you can make up your own. So search around and find one that works for you. Happy training!



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